“I didn’t feel good” – Pete Edochie speaks on Yul’s decision to take second wife


images 20 20 Veteran thespian, Pete Edochie has opened up on how he had felt when his son, Yul Edochie, took a second wife.

The seasoned actor, while speaking in a recent interview with Vanguard, stated that he didn’t feel good about his son’s decision since he is a Christian.

20220427223543 1109404727 1888799105219471669 640 480 85 webp9181246673046756443 Pete Edochie added that, whatever reason he (Yul) had decided to take a second wife, it was his decision to make.

He said:

“I didn’t feel good, but like I said, I’m a Christian and I read the Bible. Solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines, was branded a man of wisdom.
It’s his choice and for whatever reason he decided to take a second wife, that’s what I can say.”


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