I enjoyed it – Man shares encounter with a disabled girl (Video)


A Nigerian man has vowed never to woo any physically fit lady following his experience with a disabled lady in bed.

Twitter user, @oku_yungx, who shared the story revealed that the young man had hooked up with a random stranger online only to find out that she had only one leg.

However, despite making this discovery, he didn’t think much of it and went further to sleep with the lady. After that he vowed never to sleep with abled people again.

He tweeted:

“This dude hooked up with a lady online and invited her over. When she finally arrived, he noticed she had just one leg (disable). He was indifferent at first but brought her into the house. They had s*x and dude has been saying “if I ever sleep with Able make I die” .”

See the post below:

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