Lady confused as DNA test says baby isn’t husband’s real child


A lady recently discovered after a DNA test that her daughter isn’t her her husband’s biological child.

According to the lady, she decided to secretly do a DNA test because her child started exhibiting some off attitudes.

Ghanaian relationship expert, David Bondze-Mbir who shared the story on Facebook said the woman has been confused after discoverinh that the child does not belong to her husband.

According to her, she has never cheated on her husband and can’t tell him because no one would believe her.

David wrote:

“One of the inspiring young ladies I admire on Facebook just informed me that, one of her children isn’t her husband’s. She says she’s never cheated on him, before or after their wedding. She secretly did a DNA test on the kid because something about her was off. Her husband hasn’t noticed the ‘off’ characteristic yet, but she has, and had to confirm it.

Because her husband is the only man she’s been with since meeting him, she’s finding it very difficult to wrap her head around the DNA result, and exactly how to go about it. No one will believe she’s really not been with any other man since meeting her husband. She got pregnant with this particular child, months after their wedding. She’s the mother of the child; her husband is not the father.”

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