Moment hairdresser almost goes into trance while attending to customer (Video)


A video online captures the perplexing moment a young hairdresser almost transitioned into the spiritual realm while attending to a customer.

The lady was busy carrying out her hair making duties on a customer while listening to a song when a sudden feeling took hold of her.

Out of the blue she screamed, and held up her hands to her head as if the origin of the sudden sensation had come from her head.

She gradually came to herself and resumed attending to the customers who maintained surprising composure.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, adeoluolatomide wrote: “I no dey enter that salon again!”

originaldemmy wrote: “People should know better than to play songs like this around people that easily go Into trance…… E dey be like whining for my eye….. Of course you know it triggers”

precious.emmasd wrote: “They for wipe am better oraimo cord”

belindaoma wrote: “The person still sitting must be her very good friend. Me laidis don reach house.” Screenshot 20230314 200119

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